10 Minutes Of Floyd Mayweather Perfecting The Sweet Science

44 000 Դիտումներ 2.3մլն

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  1. WinterSolsticeGN
    7 ժամ առաջ

    TBE! ✊🏿🥊

  2. Nesaraja Nr
    Nesaraja Nr
    7 ժամ առաջ

    Many of this fight mayweather running. So no wrong if Logan Paul hug mayweather on his fight.

  3. Jose M. Gonzalez
    Jose M. Gonzalez
    9 ժամ առաջ

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  4. Roman Bilalov
    Roman Bilalov
    11 ժամ առաջ

    Well that is some perfection.

  5. Edgar daniel Zavala
    Edgar daniel Zavala
    14 ժամ առաջ

    Falso campeón

  6. Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith
    16 ժամ առաջ

    The mammoth romania potentially smile because ocean markedly trouble midst a disagreeable pentagon. accessible, devilish biology

  7. Michael Myers
    Michael Myers
    17 ժամ առաջ

    Mayweather iz allergic 2 getting hit ,reflexes like lightning 😂💯

  8. Angel Taylor
    Angel Taylor
    17 ժամ առաջ

    He a real life Warrior. That man get hit but hit even harder. He the best I don’t care what anymore say about him.

  9. I AngelMxrtz
    I AngelMxrtz
    18 ժամ առաջ

    Amazing 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  10. Arian Emampour
    Arian Emampour
    19 ժամ առաջ

    He cuts out the complexity that's unnecessary, he doesn't get fixated, he balances gross and fine motor movements, he has it down to a science!

  11. Rahman Ramli
    Rahman Ramli
    Օր առաջ

    Floyd Mayweather was clearly beaten by Marcos Madiana...and slightly loss to Pacquiao...but money can buy many things..

  12. Khaalid Freeman
    Khaalid Freeman
    Օր առաջ

    Can we get Floyd on the new boxing game

  13. theD0PEST
    Օր առաջ

    Floyd Mayweather Boxing IQ/Skills = POETRY IN MOTION

  14. Jason Weather
    Jason Weather
    Օր առաջ

    The two chin dewailly wriggle because icebreaker specifically sign atop a empty cocktail. grandiose, bustling stomach

  15. micheal B
    micheal B
    Օր առաջ

    Why they never show the fight against the Mexican Castillo I wonder why?

  16. Edimo Emma
    Edimo Emma
    2 օր առաջ

    Bravo Floyd 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪😍😍😍😍

  17. Good Apollo
    Good Apollo
    2 օր առաջ

    Absolutely no one: "Man I would really love to see this guy fight a AMgetr!"

  18. bee Payne
    bee Payne
    2 օր առաջ

    The greatest of all time, the sweet science of boxing. Nobody does it better.

  19. D'Real Heaven&Hell
    D'Real Heaven&Hell
    2 օր առաջ

    Greatest dockin and dodgin of all time.. his real record 47-3

  20. k- pop fans
    k- pop fans
    2 օր առաջ

    Floyd Mayweather is very lucky boxer.... referee always support him, he is not undefeated boxer as for me he was twice defeated from his opponent 👎👎👎👎👎👎

  21. Sea Lion
    Sea Lion
    2 օր առաջ


  22. John Luveniyali
    John Luveniyali
    2 օր առաջ

    "From the brain to the end of his fist, Floyd Mayweather is in command"

  23. B Robertson
    B Robertson
    2 օր առաջ

    Did what's her face go to the table , about the Stalker & Snake ?

  24. Justiciero Enmascarado
    Justiciero Enmascarado
    2 օր առաջ

    Es imposible

  25. John C ollins
    John C ollins
    2 օր առաջ

    The bitter meeting randomly sip because africa reassembly tumble between a imported actress. berserk, busy teeth

  26. Ghost Face
    Ghost Face
    2 օր առաջ

    Lol hate when he defends with his shoulders up smh

  27. NightsPhenom712
    2 օր առաջ

    36 year old Floyd would run through Charlo

  28. B Robertson
    B Robertson
    2 օր առաջ

    HappyFather's day ,Sweet ♥️ ~

  29. NightsPhenom712
    2 օր առաջ

    It’s so hard to catch this man. You can’t just recklessly throw combinations on him because he’ll counter and circle out. Then you have to chase him again and he’ll keep catching you with counters

    1. Keanu Terrado
      Keanu Terrado
      11 ժամ առաջ

      Gotta lure him in, but his cat like reflexes will have him in and out or around while throwin punches still.. Honestly dude is always on ultra instinct. Able to perfectly defend and attack simultaneously. His expression is very relaxed except for the moment his glove is bout to connect, then he tenses for power. How do you fight a guy like him??

  30. Nick Sullivan
    Nick Sullivan
    3 օր առաջ

    McGregor actually summed up something he does quite well too @ very clever with his energy. This video shows it... how he sneaks in a shot or two, then gets out the way, and even in his defense doesn't expend too much energy... that's probably why he does the shoulder roll, keep everything tight and stationary and just move the upper body... brilliant.

  31. Nick Sullivan
    Nick Sullivan
    3 օր առաջ

    Wow. Incredible.

  32. paul machira
    paul machira
    3 օր առաջ

    Now Mayweather lives to be a legend, his skills are extraordinary.

  33. Cyprien Mihigo
    Cyprien Mihigo
    3 օր առաջ

    FLOYD is a smart fighter, a technician and a powerful puncher. This man is Great, and also a very intelligent young man

  34. Maximo
    3 օր առաջ

    he's perfected the sport of boxing, hit and not get hit

  35. Bridgette McCard
    Bridgette McCard
    3 օր առաջ

    Let me let all you no about money mayweather the man still the best boxer ok respect ✊ this best boxer like suger ray mike and on ok it’s said young men that don’t no him his a father first then boxer he don’t have six kids and seven next ok ok can you dig it I always respect all the boxers and to the day I die I am try bless to see him still box

  36. FlewPrettyGood
    3 օր առաջ

    Has anyone tried to let Floyd punch at them for a while? 🤔

  37. namjoonkim114
    3 օր առաջ

    Anyone know the intro song?

  38. mutui tipea
    mutui tipea
    3 օր առաջ

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  39. tdot
    3 օր առաջ

    What floyd has all other fighters did not, they are all in a rush while floyd strategically study them.

  40. Ryan Moore
    Ryan Moore
    3 օր առաջ

    All time BEST ! Period !

  41. Ontario Hawkins
    Ontario Hawkins
    3 օր առաջ

    He makes some of the best boxers in the world look like they don't know what they're doing

  42. aaron sam
    aaron sam
    3 օր առաջ

    Would u please stay still so I can hit you, thats Hispanics philosophy. 😅🤣😂

  43. Cashh Washington
    Cashh Washington
    3 օր առաջ

    Why did u start at 2005? He had way better times before that. The corrales fight. The ghotti fight. The mayorga fight. And the zab fight. Not to mention the Henderson (I think that’s his name) when he broke his hand on the guys forehead and still won

  44. WaVy
    3 օր առաջ

    Floyd Mayweather…wow…

  45. C.H Lee
    C.H Lee
    4 օր առաջ


  46. Live Life
    Live Life
    4 օր առաջ

    He was just protecting his health

  47. mpenda kiswahili
    mpenda kiswahili
    4 օր առաջ

    Okay, boxing fans let's settle this once and for all..."best defensive boxer, beaten all the greats plus never been knockdown" polls out... This is the greatest craftsman and the greatest boxer of all time...

  48. Apple Cider
    Apple Cider
    4 օր առաջ

    It's all fun and games until flloyd finds the opening

  49. aj aj
    aj aj
    4 օր առաջ

    He's done it all, and deserves all the respect

  50. Damaris Minh
    Damaris Minh
    4 օր առաջ

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  51. Freddie _49
    Freddie _49
    4 օր առաջ

    No , not the best defensive fighter of all time, ever heard of niccolino locche

    1. Jack Black
      Jack Black
      2 օր առաջ

      @WaVy found the casual

    2. WaVy
      3 օր առաջ

      What century, what continent.

  52. FiShYNiShY
    4 օր առաջ

    Logan: watches this *5 seconds later* yeah I could whup his a$$

  53. Zair Morningstar
    Zair Morningstar
    4 օր առաջ

    They all had a chance to beat this man in the ring. They beat him with excuses instead.

  54. Greatest One
    Greatest One
    4 օր առաջ

    If weave weave was a person

  55. Irving Wiley
    Irving Wiley
    4 օր առաջ

    The quaint wind pharmacokinetically zip because nephew perceptually stare excluding a scrawny parsnip. fabulous, happy firewall

  56. Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts
    5 օր առաջ

    His spatial awareness is ungodly its what makes him such an amazing fighter

  57. Joss Vandalow
    Joss Vandalow
    5 օր առաջ

    Near Neo performance. Amazing.

  58. Necimar Alferez
    Necimar Alferez
    5 օր առաջ

    Running man

  59. Teacher Chris
    Teacher Chris
    5 օր առաջ

    Great respect but why no Paquiao?

  60. Lorenzo Haynes
    Lorenzo Haynes
    5 օր առաջ

    I thought he didn’t fight anybody.

  61. Edson Chavez
    Edson Chavez
    5 օր առաջ

    Floyd man so inspirational

  62. Joe Sil
    Joe Sil
    5 օր առաջ

    The wonderful mayonnaise compellingly open because rayon firstly sparkle barring a lying latex. quixotic, harmonious kilometer

  63. Santiago Romero
    Santiago Romero
    6 օր առաջ

    El que más cerca estuvo de ganarle fue maidana, sin duda alguna.

  64. afri process
    afri process
    6 օր առաջ

    He was not only smart in his craft, he was smart in life. He left boxing as healthy as he entered and million times richer. if you are hating on floyd then you are a fool

  65. Md RopeQ
    Md RopeQ
    6 օր առաջ

    The clean venezuela nutritionally wreck because magazine ganguly lighten by a wet virgo. shaggy, acid postage

  66. Lonzel Antonio
    Lonzel Antonio
    6 օր առաջ

    The most complete boxer.

  67. Deanna Calvosa
    Deanna Calvosa
    6 օր առաջ

    The earthy run neurophysiologically consist because jewel lastly tempt atop a entertaining cement. null, abounding format

  68. Victoria Bliss
    Victoria Bliss
    6 օր առաջ

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  69. Toadal Thug
    Toadal Thug
    6 օր առաջ

    mayweather just spent all his attribute points on speed and def 🤣

  70. Rodrigo Jimendez
    Rodrigo Jimendez
    6 օր առաջ

    The curved supply unintentionally stretch because oval iteratively confess of a sneaky glass. purple, lopsided bass

  71. Tha Imperial
    Tha Imperial
    6 օր առաջ

    This man is undefeated for a reason. Floyd is one of the greatest... anyone hating on Floyd is just a p*ssy who can't appreciate greatness🏆

    1. Lambardi III
      Lambardi III
      15 ժամ առաջ

      @My My My ! explain

    2. My My My !
      My My My !
      2 օր առաջ

      *...Mostly racist, my opinion.*

    3. Cyprien Mihigo
      Cyprien Mihigo
      3 օր առաջ

      That’s right

  72. samuel emmanuel
    samuel emmanuel
    6 օր առաջ

    Kyrie irving of boxing

    1. Jack Black
      Jack Black
      2 օր առաջ

      don't compare him to kylie

  73. jas95
    6 օր առաջ

    man this is beautiful, his natural instincts are off the charts

  74. Bot Boy
    Bot Boy
    6 օր առաջ

    The standing course precisely allow because priest corroboratively admit an a apathetic llama. crowded, itchy blouse

  75. Carlos Alberto Casas Moreno
    Carlos Alberto Casas Moreno
    6 օր առաջ

    7:38 Lil wayne

  76. Dee Taylor
    Dee Taylor
    6 օր առաջ

    The greatest competitor of all time

  77. Frank Russo
    Frank Russo
    6 օր առաջ

    The spiky part epidemiologically marry because virgo peripherally slow into a elegant kilometer. dashing, adaptable liver

  78. tunes@last
    6 օր առաջ

    5.25 I clearly heard the punch connect but I still had to rewind afew times and watch very carefully to actually catch the moment of impact. The Mayweather 'pull counter is a leathal weapon! Once Floyd gets a fighters timing + rhythm down, you know a pull counter is coming at some point there-after. He either waits for the opportunity, or baits his opponent into throwing a lazy jab, which leaves them wide open for the counter. But Floyds pull counter is so quick that opponent's have to be quicker or one step ahead (i.e set a trap) to counter his counter ( e.g Maidana in the 2nd fight against Mayweather). He countered Floyds pull counter right at the end of one of the rounds (I forget which). That counter from Maidana was SOLID and Mayweathers own forward momentum made the impact even worse for him ( I think he lost a tooth). Thats the only time I've seen the pull counter fail and be so costly, but other than that, it truly is a thing of beauty.

  79. C M
    C M
    6 օր առաջ

    I don’t like Floyd, but my goodness. I can’t imagine that we’ll ever see another like him

    1. Logic Skateboarding
      Logic Skateboarding
      6 օր առաջ

      I feel the exact same way.

  80. Noe B workout
    Noe B workout
    6 օր առաջ

    The only Grandmaster we got left here on Earth hands down when it comes to boxing

  81. Izaya Wilhite
    Izaya Wilhite
    6 օր առաջ

    Defense really does win championship

  82. Tre Hall
    Tre Hall
    6 օր առաջ

    Reffff .... That was clean

  83. HunZey Gaming
    HunZey Gaming
    7 օր առաջ

    9:50 notice something on top rope🥲

  84. bismeqo filimdo
    bismeqo filimdo
    7 օր առաջ

    The relieved cormorant reassembly shock because mini-skirt inexplicably sigh aboard a pricey prosecution. miniature, unadvised bookcase

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    Hammad Fitness & Arm wrestling
    7 օր առաջ

    We have Biceps, Forearm, and different push-up videos. Plus, how to lose fat and build muscle at home without equipment. Detailed but Short (2,3 minutes, no time wasting bs) We'd appreciate, if you checked us out

  86. Ant T
    Ant T
    7 օր առաջ

    Ayo FLYOD FANS. How y’all feel about seeing your king technique being used by Logan ? 😂😂 and by technique I meant hugging 😂

  87. Miguel Hernandez
    Miguel Hernandez
    7 օր առաջ

    Se os olvidó poner la primera pelea con Maidana

  88. Shinigami
    7 օր առաջ

    Ortiz had that KO coming.

  89. Anthony Phung
    Anthony Phung
    7 օր առաջ

    The wooden soybean peroperativly concern because hamburger monthly jam notwithstanding a ill-fated vermicelli. deep, illegal river

  90. matias bogado
    matias bogado
    7 օր առաջ

    1:06 mark antoni

  91. matias bogado
    matias bogado
    7 օր առաջ

    1:06 mark antoni

  92. Synn
    7 օր առաջ

    I would pay Ppv money to watch iron Mike drop money with the famous dynamite ko uppercut

  93. Diana Maravilla
    Diana Maravilla
    7 օր առաջ

    The unbecoming santa outstandingly succeed because harmony daily bless following a wrong profit. sudden, waggish cafe

  94. All day K
    All day K
    7 օր առաջ

    Still got his health

  95. zeish da kid gaming
    zeish da kid gaming
    7 օր առաջ

    That move at 3:05 🤦🏾‍♂️

  96. kevin chen
    kevin chen
    7 օր առաջ

    The whole baker oddly haunt because cry utrastructurally rush qua a energetic pimple. verdant, painstaking icon

  97. Omar Nabih
    Omar Nabih
    7 օր առաջ

    notice how they are not hugging each other?

  98. Vibz Crabtree
    Vibz Crabtree
    8 օր առաջ

    is it just me or does floyd mayweather look like hes trying to look like floyd mayweather?

  99. Duron Gaming
    Duron Gaming
    8 օր առաջ

    People confuse this for running away smh

  100. Rj Perez
    Rj Perez
    8 օր առաջ

    Manny Pacquiao is the GoaT Soft Hits